[Story Progression] Part One: The Last Will and Testament of Petros Lorrimor

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    Beornmar replies, his face a mixture of concern and fear. "Please miss, your father wished you not be burdened by the tomes that lie within this chest. Let us not sully that during our stay with you."
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    She sighs, obviously interested in what her father was working on right before he died. She decides to let the subject rest. "Please make yourselves at home. If there is anything that I can do for you, do let me know. For tonight I would suggest staying inside. I will go out tomorrow and let everyone know that you all are my guests and people should be a little less hostile towards you. Please feel free to browse my Father's library." With that she nods her head and she walks off towards her room. It is late evening and you are all sitting at the table.


    Beornmar, the lawyer that you brought on retainer has had time to review the will that was signed by the professor. He has spent the last couple weeks of travel reviewing law in Ustalav regarding wills. He has noted that everything seems to be in order. The seal was not broken prior to it being read and it was signed and dated. The signature was verified by the Professor's daughter to be legitimate. Since there is little else that he has experience in he will take his leave.

    Tyrion, Pod and Bronn will need a place to stay. Unfortunately there are only 4 vacant rooms at the Lorrimor Residence. They can probably find moderate rooms and stabling in Ravengro for 2sp/day in addition to their normal wages.
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    Tyrion will take 20 on a search of the library (+6 perception) for anything of interest to read as well as secret compartments he half thinks the professor has some less than kosher books somewhere. Tyrion drinks wine and reads until he falls asleep. OOC Bronn isn't with the party yet, he's seeing to personal business and will be catching up to Tyrion (and will probably arrive about the time Tyrion has Greater Leadership). Pod gets to stay with the horses and wagons, his pay covers money for food and there is a tent and wood for a fire in the wagon, though sleeping in the wagon is his usual. I'll keep my bp on me. Pod's instructions are to run and wake me or Beornmar if he spots any trouble. How many days have passed that I need to subtract feed for the horses?
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    In the intervening, Amberly also seeks out the library. Usually, she'd be looking for lore regarding the undead, vampires especially, and she still leaves an eye out for that, though in this case she wants to learn about any local covens, cults, clans, etc., as no one has managed to actually tell her what happened to Professor Lorrimor other than his untimely demise. Perhaps she'll seek out Kendra later for a quiet word, or possibly a loud one at dinner for the benefit of the crowd.

    Meanwhile, Gunther has no particular interest in books, and has done three hundred and twelve pushups in a remote hallway.

    !roll 1d20+11 #Searching the library yoooI was so excited about forum roller that I forgot to take 20 (31)
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    Searching the library yooo: 13

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    Beornmar will take the chest, as long as his supplies and make himself at home in one of the rooms. He will attempt to conceal the chest as well as he can.
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    Tyrion, After hours of searching for a book that was actually worth reading, and one that you haven't read before, You stumble upon an Ustalavan book of intimate positions. It details the methods and history of such positions. Mostly based on undead creatures, such as the "Double Ghoul Sloppy Pocky" or the "Backdoor Lich" and the very intricate "Angry Draugr." The book gives you several hours of hilarious entertainment which inevitably causes you to grow tired and then fall asleep in the oversized chair that you found comfy. The book lies open across your chest and drool is starting to form at the side of your mouth.

    [OOC] It has been 3 days since the caravan left Vigil

    Amberly, you find any number of essays and discussions on various undead creatures. Everything ranging from Liches to Vampires and Drowned Maidens to Poltergeists. Your extensive background in vampires and other undead mean that the books provide very little new information. It confirms a lot of theories that you had previously held about different creatures. After hours of reading you search for Kendra and find her in her room. After you inquire about how her father had died, she begins to cry as she remembers how they had found her father. After she is able to compose herself she tells you what they found, "It was... It was gruesome... A horrible accident. A stone gargoyle had fallen off the decrepit roof of Harrowstone. Completely... Completely..." Through sobs and tears it is hard to determine exactly what had happened, but you imagine that he was somehow crushed. She asks that you excuse her and she closes her door after you leave. You can hear soft sobs through the wooden door. After making the woman recall the horrible events that now leave her an orphan, you decide it is time to call it a night. With that you head off to an unclaimed room and after getting ready for bed, you drift off into a fitful sleep.

    Beornmar, You take the chest into a room that you have claimed as your own. You find it to be sparsely furnished and there is no easy way to hide it. So you decide to hide it behind your gear on the table near the corner of the room. Your packs and weapons and other gear are plenty enough to cover the chest. To anyone else it looks like a pile of gear that is just sloppily put down on the table. You decide to then contemplate the days events and you eventually drift off to sleep. Mumbling about incoherent things while you dream strange dreams.

    Gunther, after doing an excessive amount of pushups, well over 600, he decides that he too is tired and walks off to find a bed. He drops on the firm mattress like a bag of rocks and easily falls asleep. He sleeps well throughout the night. As unmoving as a giant stone.


    Some time in the night, Boernmar, you hear rustling. Never really loud enough to wake you up. You think it mostly just the leaves outside or the grass. Until you hear a loud and alarming BOOM as something falls off the table in your room and hits the floor with enough force that you think that it surely created a hole in the floor. No one else seems to hear it. Everyone else in the house is sound asleep.
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    Come morning, Beornmar is rather concerned about the noise he heard. Glancing too see if it was anything specific that fell upon the floor. He dawns his scarf for comfort.
  9. English

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    Beornmar takes a quick glance around his room as he clutches his scarf of comforting. You see that on the floor was the chest that was piled underneath all the gear that you threw on top of it. It lies open with several books spilled out onto the floor

    You can cast Calm Emotions 1/week on yourself through your Scarf of Comforting. It has no value other than sentimental.
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    Beornmar begins stroking his scarf gently. Thinking of fond memories to calm himself. He then quickly piles the books in the chest and closes it. He then goes to break his fast, and break the news to Tyrion. "Tyrion. The chest... The chest is haunted. It spilled it's contents onto the floor of my room last night. Perhaps we should see what is inside. Perhaps we should call for a priest."
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    After listening to Beornmar's tale Tyrion resigns himself to what must be done. "Lets get the others and investigate the contents of the chest. If something in there is dangerous perhaps we should know what we are dealing with before it tries to kill us." Once we're all assembled, Tyrion will take 20 (+6 perception) searching the chest for secret compartments and ask's Amberley to search the contents of the chest.
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    Once back to the room. Beornmar stands in the center of the room, clutching his scarf. Waiting to hear the others response. Aimlessly to the room he asks, "Perhaps the lovely Miss Lorrimor has noticed something strange since her father passed?"
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    "Hm." Amberly first takes a minute to give a cursory inspection each of the tomes for basic subjects, notes from the late Lorrimor, basic physical aspects, etc. without actually delving into their contents. "I had believed Professor Lorrimor intended for us to know the contents of the chest, though how it came to spill open, unlocked, of its own accord...perhaps there is something else in the chest that also wants us to see it."

    Take 20 (31) to search the chest and tomes for objects and inserts hidden within or on them.
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    The first Journal that Amberly picks up has the phrase, "Read Me Now!" written on the cover. Kendra sees the handwriting, "That is Father's handwriting! Go on! Open it!" She is obviously excited about seeing her father's journal. The other four books that you find all have notes stuffed into them and are easily retrieved. Three of the notes say for you to return these books to Montagnie Crowl, a professor at the Lepidstadt University. The fourth, that has a rich purple cover and contains a brass scarab set with a single eye in its center, while locked does have a note in it as well. This note says for it to be returned to one Embreth Daramid, a judge at the Lepidstadt Courthouse. These must be the books that the Professor mentioned in the will.

    The other three books have titles inscribed on the covers. On Verified Madness is a book about aberrations and other entities in Golarions. Serving your Hunger is a copy of an unholy book sacred to the goddess Urgathoa. The Umbral Leaves is the unholy book of Zon-Kuthon, Shelyn's once beloved brother.


    All, please give me either a Knowledge Arcana, History, or Local check to recognize the purple book with the scarab and eye on it. Only one check per person. That means I should receive only 4 checks in total


    Tyrion you find nothing inside the chest. It is a plain wood check bound with iron and a moderate lock. The chest is old and of little value in and of itself.

    Kendra looks to Beornmar and ponders for a bit, tapping a single finger on her lips. "Nothing too out of the ordinary... I cannot say that I have been too attentive to anything else other than seeing to his estate and the funeral arrangements I'm afraid."
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    !roll 1d20+2 # Knowledge Local for Beornmar Yourner.
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    Knowledge Local for Beornmar Yourner.: 8

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    !roll 1d20+7 #Tyrion Knowledge History
    !roll 1d20 #Gunther Knowledge Arcana (he has +0 to all knowledge except engineering)
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    Tyrion Knowledge History: 14

    Gunther Knowledge Arcana (he has +0 to all knowledge except engineering): 15

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    Amberly opens the journal and reads through the contents, and summarizes a few entries aloud for the benefit of the group, assuming they are not heretical material, or otherwise objectionable for the ears of the daughter.

    !roll 1d20+1 #Knowledge History for Amberly, unless of course it's about vampires or lichs, in which case Lore (Vampires and Lichs) gets +5
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    Knowledge History for Amberly, unless of course it's about vampires or lichs, in which case Lore (Vampires and Lichs) gets +5: 10

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