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Discussion in 'Tabletop Lounge' started by theLumberJack, Jan 25, 2016.

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    So I'm still a little iffy on how a play by post game works. I've run and been apart of campaigns in person, as well as am playing in Statboy's roll20 game. I'm just curious as to how roleplaying interaction is exactly supposed to work with people making posts. Do player's have to post in a specific order? Are aspects of the game restricted due to the format?
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    When you're just in town, chilling, whatever, anyone can post whatever they like whenever, and the DM/other players will eventually respond.

    In combat, usually you post in initiative order, with DM, between telling you what happens, but some people play where everyone can just post what they're doing in a combat round, and the DM will resolve it. It can cause issues sometimes, i.e. two people post attacking a target that dies after the first person hits it, and it's mostly just for times sake, so if you're playing a fast game, i.e. mandatory two posts a day, it's not important.
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