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    Just so there is less confusion

    "Bold Text in Quotes is your character's speach"
    Italicized text is your character's thoughts.
    Regular text is a narration of your character's actions.

    How you would like to format it after that is completely up to you. The easier it is to read the better. Please feel free to use colors as well. Please label your dice rolls as well so it can be easily tracked and so it doesn't get confusing.

    See the guides below on how to do that:
    !help roll
    !help rolz
    !help shuffle
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    !roll :: Roll dice in your roleplaying games.

    To roll dice, specify the number of dice and the number of sides. The result is the sum of the dice. The following rolls three 6-sided dice.
    !roll 3d6

    You can add or subtract multiple rolls or numbers.
    !roll 1d20+3
    !roll 1d20-2
    !roll 1d20 + 1d6
    !roll 1 + 3 + 1d4

    If you only want to include a certain number of the highest or lowest dice in your sum, specify a high or low count in the roll. The following keeps the best three of four 6-sided dice and sums them. The next keeps only the lowest die.
    !roll 4d6H3
    !roll 4d6L1

    If you only want to count how many dice met a target value instead of the sum of the dice, you can specify a <, <=, =, >=, or > relationship and a target value. The following rolls five 20-sided dice and counts how many of them rolled at least 10. The next rolls four 6-sided dice and checks to see if the one highest die was exactly equal to 3.
    !roll 5d20>=10
    !roll 4d6H1=3

    To label a roll so that it is easy to read your results, add a # and a label after the roll. The following will roll one 20-sided die, add 2 to the result, and label the result Attack.
    !roll 1d20+2 #Attack

    You can repeat a roll N times by adding *N right after the roll. The following will roll one 20-sided die and label the result Spot a total of four times.
    !roll 1d20 *4 #Spot

    Add a ? to the end of a roll to see verbose output. This will list each of the individual die rolls in addition to the final total.
    !roll 3d6?
    !roll 4d6H3?
    !roll 5d20>=10 + 1?

    Note that all of the above must appear in the order it has been introduced. For example, the label must be last, and if there is a repetition * then it must come before the ? verbose marker.

    Finally, although you can use the !roll trigger multiple times in a row in a post, you can combine them all into one line by separating each roll expression with a semicolon. The first line of the following is identical to the remaining lines run all at once.
    !roll 1d20+2 #Attack; 1d20 #Critical; 4d6? #Damage
    !roll 1d20+2 #Attack
    !roll 1d20 #Critical
    !roll 4d6? #Damage

    If you omit the dice, a default of 1d20 will be assumed. This means that the following rolls one 20-sided die and shows the result. The next would also label that result Attack.
    !roll #Attack

    You can copy the example triggers above and paste them into a post to see the results on your own.

    !rolz :: Use to get dice results.

    See for the available syntax. Note that the Power User and Generator features are not available remotely to be used by !rolz, with the exception of the repeat N, #Comments, and Multiple;Rolls;at;Once features. Add a ? to the end of a roll to see verbose output.

    The following are some examples and descriptions of their output.

    Rolls one d20, adds 3, and labels the result Attack, then rolls one d4 and labels the result Damage:
    !rolz 1d20+3 #Attack; 1d4 #Damage

    Rolls one d20 four separate times:
    !rolz repeat 4 1d20

    Rolls six d20's, keeping the highest 3, and labels the result Best 3 of 6:
    !rolz 6d20H3 #Best 3 of 6

    You can copy these examples and paste them into a post to see the results.

    !shuffle :: Shuffle some items or shuffle and pick just a few.

    To shuffle an entire list of items, use the following trigger format, with a comma-separated list of as many items as you want to include. In this example, you will get the same 5 items back out from the postbot but in a random order.

    !shuffle Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten

    If you only want to pick some of the items back out, use the following format. In this example, you will get only 3 of the 5 items back out from the postbot but in a random order. With this number, you have to pick at least one thing but you can't pick all of them: if you want to pick all of them, just omit the number as in the first example.

    !shuffle 3 Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten

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    In lands where I'm from, a player will claim a color at the beginning of a game to put all of their character's speech and thoughts in, and the DM may reserve one of more colors for NPCs, narration, etc.
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