[Indie] Qunitet - Co-Op Space Ship Sim (5 Players)

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Net, May 13, 2013.

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    So if you have not heard about Quintet I urge you to check it out.

    What is Quintet?
    Well you and 4 of your friends are flying and controlling a space ship. Each of you has a role you need to fill and you are responsible for those jobs.


    Captain - The Captain's role is to not only be a good leader, but a good communicator. Good communication will lead to a successful mission. If a crew member is getting out of line, the Captain can eject them, and when all else fails, there is always the self-destruct button.

    Helm - Driving a ship through three dimensions is not for the weak of heart. Flying is not only about dodging asteroids and other ships. The Helm operator needs to get the ship in position so Tactical, Engineering and Science officers can do their jobs optimally.

    Tactical - Tactical controls the weapons. It's their job to lock on a target, fire and blow stuff up. Choose that right moment to unleash the most powerful cannon. Additionally, they can calibrate the beam frequency to penetrate enemy shields.

    Engineering - They may not get all the glory, but the Engineer is the one who actually gives more power to the shields. Additionally, they can hack an enemy to drop their shields, weapons or engines or boost an ally. The Engineer is the only person who can repair the ship's hull.

    Science - The Science officer is the ship's special effects guru. They can tractor beam (push or pull) a friend or foe. Teleport the ship into its weapons range or make a quick escape even through an asteroid. They can also scan an enemy ship to detect their hull strength and shield frequency.

    The game has been around for awhile but the guys over at Quintet have just had a succesful Kickstarter campaign to bring this bad boy to Android devices. If you want to get in on the campaign there is still a little time left, and extra bonuses for going more than what was needed to be funded. Currently it is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad & iPhone.

    The game experience depends on you having friends to play with(playing in the same room is better), which makes it addictive, hilarious, and extremely fun. If you don't have friends, you should probably find some just for this game, but don't worry there is a community of people waiting to play with you if you cannot scrounge up enough friends to play with.

    If you want to download and play this game with friends I urge you to head on over to www.quintet.us , get some friends together, and make outer space your own.

    Here is a somewhat poor quality video describing gameplay, but its good at describing it at least:
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    That actually looks like crazy fun as long as you have a full group of friends to play with.
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