Scout's Nail Gun and SMG are more powerful than the stock; what can we do to fix this?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FUTURE.10S, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Scout. The new additions, namely the Nail Gun and the SMG are more powerful than the alternative Scattergun (except at close range) and Pistol. Now then, while the Scattergun can see some use, it's still typically better to go with the Nail Gun and the SMG is a direct upgrade to the Pistol. How do we fix both?

    The Nail Gun has a hidden 20% damage bonus, which is where the issue lies. On one hand, it makes it really viable to take down buildings from afar and up close due to the amount of shots, and it's relatively easy to take down opponents. I think that the 20% bonus should be removed, as well as the weapon having a wider spread (since it's really easy to safely take a sentry out when you're outside of its range), but in exchange, it could have a faster projectile speed so that your shots will go faster to your enemy, thus needing less leading of your mouse ahead, making it easier to aim. Yes, it makes the weapon easier to use by new Scouts, but the reward of it is also lowered (especially for long range as I have taken out a sentry by myself), making many players go to the Scatter, especially at close range, where the Scout should excel. Plus long range, it does like 4 damage per nail right now, which is far better than the Scatter.

    The SMG is just a direct upgrade. 25/250 ammowise is far too much, and it should be lowered to 25/75 basically immediately, and otherwise the SMG is balanced. Wait, didn't I mention that it's more powerful? My idea is to actually buff the Pistol for both Engineers and Scouts, by giving it a hidden +15% to +33% damage against buildings, so an Engineer can assist his sentry in taking out an unwatched nest, while a Scout has a bit more power when fighting nests alone from afar so he can go by safely. If we say that the Pistol has a 25% damage boost against buildings, at long range, it does 8+2 damage against a building, so if the Scout or Engy empties an entire clip and miraculously every shot hits, it does a maximum of 96+24 = 120 damage, something the SMG won't be able to do as a full clip of SMG does 4*25 = 100 damage with a full clip.

    If anybody is opposed to these proposed changes or has a way of balancing them out better, let me know.
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    The SMG was supposedly added to test the viewmodel system, and has been removed entirely as of the next update. I heard they might give it to sniper.

    As for the Nail Gun... I used to think people were being a bit overdramatic about it. I can see you believing it's a bit TOO effective at long range. It has a 20% damage bonus to keep up in damage with the scattergun (both have 140 DPS), so instead of a flat 20% bonus I think it should have increased max rampup to the same point blank damage it has now, while still being less effective at range.

    It'll still be more effective at a mid range than the scatter because that's it's niche, but it's also a projectile weapon that lacks burst damage and reliability which gives it a downside and makes it more difficult to aim. Making it easier to aim, or making the nails move faster and farther means we may as well give scout a machine gun primary.
  3. FUTURE.10S

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    Actually, you're entirely right, but can we change the ramp up? If we remove the 20% damage bonus, at point blank, it does 150% the base damage, while right now, it does 120% + 20%, or 144% the base damage. It wouldn't be OP because it's really hard to get to 0 HU damage, and at the same time, the far distance damage would be nerfed by about 10% or so, just enough to not make it extremely efficient at long range.
  4. I dunno, personally I find the scattergun being miles better than the nailgun- But I definitely agree about the SMG. It's a whole lot better than the pistol. Somehow- despite being an SMG- it's perfectly accurate at long ranges and seems to deal more dps than the pistol. I think we can keep the SMG, but the pistol needs to be the pinpoint accurate one- deal more damage per shot, but have a slower rof. While the SMG is really spray-y and only works super well in close to medium range. Otherwise it's just missing.
  5. To the post above: why would one need to buff an already solid weapon as to compete with a fundamentally flawed alternative? The pistol, as in Live TF2, has always been fine. Besides, giving pin-point accuracy to any of the Scout's weapons, as you yourself stated, is simply a bad idea.
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