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    Server Rules

    1. No hacks/bots/automation programs, cheats or (map) exploits will be tolerated. Nor will interfering with the normal operation of the servers.

    2. Mic spam is against the server rules. This includes singing, excessive yelling, annoying sounds, or anything else that is overly disruptive to the atmosphere the server. This rule may be waived at the discretion of a responding staff member if a majority are fine with it (e.g. undistorted music at a reasonable volume)

    3. No hate speech or personal attacks. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, or ableism. Please remember that while we have no banned words, we do have banned intentions and will deal with violators accordingly. If you have to think whether something you're about to say or do might break the rules, it probably does. If you feel you have been personally offended or attacked, we encourage you to speak with the other person. If this does not resolve the issue, feel free to submit a report to our staff.

    4. We do not allow sprays with pornography, overly sexualized images, or ANYTHING including genitalia. We also do not allow sprays that violate rule 3, have excessive gore or harmful links.

    5. Don’t be an asshole. This is a catch-all rule used as necessary to maintain the “spirit” of our servers. We call it the "brown hat" rule, AKA "don't be scumbag Steve". This rule includes, but is not limited to:
      • Disrespecting admin requests, heckling staff, or direct admin attacks
      • Teamstacking/rejoining a server to avoid a team scramble
      • Deliberately doing things to annoy people after they've politely asked you to stop.
      • Intentionally filing false reports
      • Intentionally starting drama or bringing up controversial subjects to start arguments (aka trying to “trigger” people)

    6. Any form of evasion from an admin action will result in a ban from our servers. The length of the ban will depend on the severity of the evasion. This includes the use of alternate accounts to evade punishments. Evasion bans are NOT eligible for appeal and must be served in full, regardless of whether the original ban was justified. You are expected to be mature and file an appeal if you disagree with staff actions; doing otherwise will probably hinder your chances of a successful appeal.

    ** If, at any time, you have an issue with an admin’s decision, feel free to contact the Community Manager**

    Last updated October 2021 - Clarification and expanding examples
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    Punishments will be dealt with according to severity of the infraction. However, these are not set in stone and in rare occasions staff members may exercise their judgement to go directly to a more severe punishment.

    Minor infractions:

    Most things will fall under minor infractions.

    1st Offense: Warning or Timeout

    2nd Offense: Kick, Ban, or Communications Block, depending on the type of infraction. Bans and Blocks will last 1-3 days.

    3rd Offense: Ban or Communications Block. Duration: 1 week

    4th Offense: Ban or Communications Block. Duration: 2 weeks – 1 Month

    5th Offense: Permanent Ban or Communications Block​

    The first offense may be skipped if the player has already left the server by the time the punishment can be issued. The first punishment in this case will usually be a 1 day ban or communications block, and will be considered their "warning shot". This may be extended depending on how frequently they play - for example, a 1 day block for a player that only plays once a week could well go unnoticed.

    Spray Infractions:
    • Sprays that violate the rules will be removed, and the user warned. The rule breaking spray will also be blocked by staff. Continued use of new sprays that break these rules will be met with bans starting at the 2nd offense tier of Minor Infractions.

    • Sprays that involve the sexualization of minors (or characters that a reasonable person could consider a minor - e.g. Lolicon, young-looking anime characters, etc) will be met with a permanent ban with no chance for appeal.

    • Other sprays/imagery that are illegal in the jurisdictions where our servers reside will be similarly met with a permanent ban, and may be referred to authorities if the situation warrants it.

    Major Infractions:

    Major infractions include (but are not limited to) anything violating rule 1, as well as certain sprays as noted above. Major infractions will be met with a permanent ban, and this ban cannot be appealed unless you feel it was issued in error.

    Types of Punishment:
    • Warning – Player will be warned directly, either through being forced to read the rules on the server, or with a direct warning to stop the rule breaking behavior from the staff member handling the situation.

    • Timeout – Player is moved to spectator, issued a short communications block for the duration of the timeout, and the server rules will be prominently displayed in the MOTD panel while they wait.

    • Spray Block – Player is prevented from spraying a specific rule breaking spray. The player may pick a different spray to use instead.

    • Kick – Player is removed from the server. The player can still re-join the server, but they may lose their player slot and must wait for another slot to open before they can get back into the game.

    • Communications Block – Player is prevented from using voice or text chat in-game until the duration of their communications block is over, but may still play the game as normal. This block applies to ALL VaultF4 servers, not only the one where the infraction occurred.

    • Ban – Player is kicked from the server and is prevented from joining any VaultF4 servers until the ban expires.
    Last updated October 2021 - Reason: Moved punishment explanations to separate post.
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