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Discussion in 'Tech Chat' started by lonesome killer, Mar 11, 2013.

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  2. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

  3. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Tiny Theif (free)
    Really fun problem solving game from Rovio, creators of Angry Birds. It's got a certain charm to it.

    OS Experience ($9.99, require jailbreak)
    For iOS users. Gives you windowed mode for apps, which means you can have 2+ apps open at once. Can also create multiple desktops like OSX
  4. English

    English Global Mod

    Lonesome do you know of another app that does this that doesn't use Xposed?
  5. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    I'll have to look. I got all app happy when I got a Samsung phone since it's so popular it seems to have a whole app repository just for Samsungs.
  6. English

    English Global Mod

    Yeah I picked up the HTC One M8. Love it now that I have it rooted and flashed Cyanogen 11 ROM.
  7. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    I've looked and there's only 2 other apps that do this sorta thing. Google has added AppOps settings in 4.3 and 4.4. However, they are hidden and only allow a few things to be private. An app will allow you to change the hidden settings, but it doesn't have nearly as many options to change as XPrivacy does.

    Why don't you want to use Xposed? It's easy and offers tons of customizations.
  8. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Controllers for All ($1.99, requires iOS, requires jailbreak)

    Let's you use PS3, PS4, and a few other controllers on your iOS device instead of having to buy the outrageously expensive bluetooth gamepads like MOBAs that are $80+
  9. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Monument Valley ($3.99) iOS and Android
    This game is a puzzle game that you twist and turn the game world around and use optical illusions to progress. It's very short, will take you about 2 hours to beat it. There's not much story, each world starts with a brief introduction sentence. If you loved Portal you'll love this game.
  10. Insanity

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    So guys, just got my first smart phone, gonna be cruising this thread and probably taking recommendations for apps and the like.
  11. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Welcome to 2010!
    What'd you get? iphone or droid?
    1st thing I recommend you do is jailbreak or root it, respectively. Then you'll open up a world of possibilites.
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  12. English

    English Global Mod

    And as soon as you do, get the XPosed installer and XPrivacy. Single best app that any person needs to have. Allows YOU to take control of what information your apps get to see. (assuming you got an android OS phone)
  13. VintagePC

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    First thing to do after rooting is install a hosts file blacklist to block ad servers other malicious garbage they can spread.

    I use the one from (AdFree Android)

    Yes, the site is dinky and the interface primitive, but it works. I don't think it is available via the play store anymore, google pulled a bunch of adblockers a while back.
  14. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    Xposed is wonderful, it has youtube ad-away, blocks all ads on the youtube app.
  15. English

    English Global Mod

    Also put on a custom ROM that gets rid of all the damn bloatware your provider puts on the phone
  16. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered

    Oh yes, don't forget to also install some other app markets too. The really good apps Google blocked but the other app markets have them.
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