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    New God: Cabrakan (Mayan Guardian)

    • Cabrakan
    • Shadow Zone - Passive
    • Allies within 30ft of Cabrakan take 5% reduced damage.
    • Seismic Crush
    • Cabrakan becomes enraged, increasing his movement speed by 15/20/25/30/35% for 5s. While active, Cabrakan's next successful basic attack will stun for 1s and do 100/125/175/225/275 +50% of your magical power as bonus damage. Additionally, Cabrakan is immune to slows and roots while this ability is active. Cooldown 18s. Cost 50/55/60/65/70.
    • Refraction Shield
    • Passive: Cabrakan gains 15/20/25/30/35 increased Magical and Physical protections from his shields. As his shields take damage they store energy and gain up to 5 stacks but shed 3/4/5/6/7 protections per stack.
    • Active: Cabrakan slams his shields together creating a concussive blast and damaging enemies in front of him for 90/140/190/240/290 +50% of your Magical power. If his shields have max stacks then the enemies hit are stunned for 1s. Cooldown 14/13/12/11/10s. Cost 65/70/75/80/85.
    • Tremors
    • Cabrakan repeatedly slams the ground with his shields creating an earthquake and causing enemies around him to tremble. Enemies caught in the earthquake take 25/35/45/55/65 + 25% of your Magical power as damage every .5s and are slowly sucked in towards Cabrakan. Cooldown 8s. Cost 15/20/25/30/35 every .5s.
    • Tectonic Shift
    • Cabrakan stomps the ground creating a wall of earth and a fissure that travels out in front of him and deals 100/200/250/300/350 +70% of your Magical power as damage to any enemies caught in its path. The walls may be destroyed if they take enough damage. Cabrakan may destroy his own walls with a single basic attack. Cooldown 75s. Cost 100.

    The Odyssey

    This week we are launching a new feature to promote the 2015 SMITE World Championships: The Odyssey!

    Over the next 21 weeks we will travel the world, releasing a new item each week, leading up to the World Championships in Atlanta on January 9, 2015. Every Odyssey item purchased will contribute $1 per 200 gems towards the Championship prize pool.

    • The Odyssey map is accessible from it’s main landing page, and a new button next to Treasure Chests.
    • Players can complete Collections to earn exclusive Odyssey rewards that will only be available during this event!

    New God Skins

    • Diamond Skins
    • Diamond skins are now available on most gods, and are available to purchase once you reach Mastery Level 10 on a god.
    • Legendary skins are now available for purchase once you reach Mastery Level 5 on a god.
    • Note that Legendary and Diamond skins now have a separate Gem/Favor cost from the Gold Skins. However, players that owned gold skins and reached Mastery Rank 5 prior to the patch date will receive the Legendary skin at patch time. Those that reached Mastery Rank 10 before the patch will receive the Diamond skin.
    • Run.EXE Mercury
    • Rampage Cabrakan
    • Golden & Legendary Rama

    New Emotes

    New emotes have been added to the game for purchasing. These include Wave, Clap, Frustration, Dance, and a Special. Initially these emotes are only available on Thor and Nemesis, though more will be coming soon!

    • Emotes can be purchased from the god screen, using a tab next to Skins.
    • Emotes can be used in game using “VX” + the appropriate hot key.

    New Voice Packs

    • Run.EXE Mercury
    • Cabraken

    New Ward Skins and Player Icons

    • ‘Hel if I Know” Exclusive Animated Icon, added to the Treasure Chest.

    Updated Cards

    • Cabrakan
    • Cabrakan Rampage
    • Mercury Run.exe
    • Ra Silve-RA-Do
    • Rama Gold and Legendary
    • Diamond skins


    • A special accolade is now awarded for killing a Juggernaut in the Siege game mode.
    • In the Character Builder, the unavailable skills are now more distinct with desaturated icons.
    • Fixed several issues which prevented adding friends, editing notes, and adding clan members from the friends list.
    • Filters have been added to the icon store.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the minimap to be blocked for the purpose of pinging in some HUD layouts.
    • Fixed crash issue with spectator demo files.
    • Fixed FWOTD UI issue with doubling the amount

    General Gameplay

    • While jumping, if you’re hit with a root, stun, or mesmerize, your forward momentum will now stop.


    • Qin’s Sais
    • Price increased from 2650 to 3050.

    Gods - Balance/Updates/Fixes

    • Ah Muzen Cab
    • Honey
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes all the honey wouldn’t be deployed.
    • Aphrodite
    • Kiss
    • Fixed issue where tooltip incorrectly stated Jealousy lasted for 8s, instead of 5s.
    • Artemis
    • Suppress the Insolent
    • Damage reduced from 90/150/210/270/330 to 80/130/180/230/280.
    • Physical scaling reduced from 50% to 40%.
    • Chang’e
    • General
    • Bunny no longer removes back door protection from towers.
    • Cupid
    • Heartbomb
    • Fixed an issue that would make it appear to explode early if the target came under the effect of a Stone Shield while the heart bomb was on them.
    • Mercury
    • Special Delivery
    • Fixed an issue where Mercury would dash past his target when dashing along walls.
    • Ne Zha
    • Universal Ring Toss
    • Fixed an issue which caused his ring to be invisible to enemies that were out of sight when he threw it.
    • Fixed a description error that indicated it did more damage than it does.
    • Nu Wa
    • Strength of wood
    • Fixed an issue that caused her passive to not trigger properly.
    • Fog
    • No longer stealths siege towers in arena.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the fog to remove backdoor protection from towers.
    • Shining Metal
    • Magical scaling on Minion Explosion reduced from 50% to 30%.
    • Corrected issue where the tooltip sometimes lied when visiting websites.
    • Fire Shards
    • Magical power scaling reduced from 50% to 40%.
    • Fixed an issue which caused her to go back up in the air if hit by CC while descending from Ult.
    • Now properly targets bots in jungle practice map.
    • Osiris
    • General
    • Reduced attack speed gained per level from 1.1% to 0.8%.
    • Sickle Strike
    • Fixed an issue with the Sickle being removed when targets were crowd control immune.
    • Ra
    • General
    • New art and icons for abilities.
    • Thor
    • Anvil of Dawn
    • Fixed an issue which caused him to slide along the ground if CC’d while descending.
    • Zeus
    • General
    • New art and icons for abilities.
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