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Discussion in 'Archives' started by Geoff, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Since HiRez Erez has gotten into the mood to "spoil" patches ahead of time, I figure we just need a whole topic for it.


    Hirezerez: Mercury has a new type of strange cc
    Hirezerez: Sunwukong is coming soon
    Hirezerez: going to try some balancing for assault and see how it goes
    Hirezerez: keep random but have both side more balanced
    Hirezerez: New hel is being tested and balanced
    Hirezerez: Zhong AKui is doing well, may get a slight nerf
    Hirezerez: I laugh a lot when I play flash 'I mean mercury'
    Hirezerez: Merc is another assassin type
    Hirezerez: We have some more tanks in the works
    Hirezerez: yes, next week. lots of stuff in patch
    Hirezerez: new items in the next patch
    Hirezerez: We have to finish some more UI work before we put out the 10v10
    Hirezerez: league system is getting closer
    Hirezerez: you can chase him, he can be stunned easy (Talking about Mercury)
    Hirezerez: League hopefully under a month now
  2. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Some spoils here that I hope aren't true.

    Erez spoils! NA tournament Addition #2 9/28/2013 Brought to you by yours truly! IGN: Tehnewby1 It is my second time doing this guys so let's see what info I can get for you today!
    erez: New support items next patch
    erez: New protection item next patch
    erez: New physical attack item next patch
    erez: kali voice pack
    erez: option to turn off 3D targeters
    erez: auto-pinging wards(reconfirmation)
    erez: Arachne ult going through walls? (is he trolling?)
    people kept saying NO so he said...
    erez: YES
    erez: YES
    erez: YES
    erez: Going to test it and let you know if it goes in
    erez: Pull through walls
    erez: small baka nerf
    erez: back to the game
    and I will be back if he starts to spoil again! Thanks for reading. :D
    erez: Game needs more CC I think
    erez: Need some 10 sec CC(I think this is a joke...) plea
    erez: Next god, 10 second global stun ftw ( maybe not trolling... but hey its Erez what yuh gonna do? :p)
    erez: In general short stun feel good and long stuns feel crappy
    erez: He has a 'disorient'(talking about merc I assume?)
    erez: not like bacchus
    erez: time to watch
  3. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    HiRezErez: God patch, BruceLee/Flash up next
    HiRezErez: otherwise known as Mercury
    HiRezErez: Vulcan is being worked on
    HiRezErez: Jump coming in a couple of weeks (but it does nothing)
    HiRezErez: Australian servers will most likely be part of what Tencent decides to do
    HiRezErez: Jump is new, it lets you jump, but it does nothing otherwise
    HiRezErez: you just jump up/down like in WoW but it has no affect on the game play
    HiRezErez: Golden Agni
    HiRezErez: Golden Ne Zha
    HiRezErez: Golden Vamana
    HiRezErez: Voicepacks: MercuryKaliArachne
    HiRezErez: a couple of weeks for jump
    HiRezErez: more performance enhancements
    HiRezErez: working on more spectator improvements for next patch also
    HiRezErez: next patch has the spectator mode able to reduce the heights of trees and structures
    HiRezErez : Send back suggestions (On reddit) for director mode so we can improve it to the point where it can be used all the time
    HiRezErez: A hex would be cool (this was a response to someone asking if Erez would consider a hex that turns you into an animal)
    HiRezErez: New player records today, thanks for the support (not much of a spoiler and not sure what he means exactly, but hey)
    HiRezErez: player
    HiRezErez: people playing
    HiRezErez: more playa (must be talking about amount of players playing the game)
  4. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    HiRezErez: China server coming
    HiRezErez: Wukong is a crazy warrior
    HiRezErez: New trailers being worked on
    HiRezErez: The teams requested a meter on Hel, so we will test one out
    HiRezErez: Hel should be next week
    HiRezErez: Hel kit is not changing much
    HiRezErez: Gold AO coming
    HiRezErez: WuKong after Hel
    HiRezErez: Hel passive is changing
    HiRezErez: Arachne ult needs to go farther (lol funny cause he kept barely missing in the creatures game xD)
    HiRezErez: The Hel ULT is getting better
    HiRezErez: The Manticore will be alive one day
    HiRezErez: I saw a new NeZha skin in the office
    HiRezErez: an actual NeZha skin
    HiRezErez: The recall ability you purchase is changing to be more towards teleport
    HiRezErez: I know that Tencent Beta starts this month, but not sure when
    HiRezErez: I think there is a Thanatos Halloween skin coming, something with a pumpkin
    HiRezErez: Ward ping is getting a sound on/off option
    HiRezErez: This event was for us to learn how to put on a better tournament , it's a beta event (talking about siege charity event)
    HiRezErez: Muzen is after WuKong
    HiRezErez: Smite community = best in gaming (awwww yeah!)
  5. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Wukong next god

    Next path (patch?) 10 days

    Wukong and league system next

    Wukong, League system, and about 10 items

    A bunch of tier 3 options

    Time to watch (Will be updating as tourney goes on)(Comment any spoils i missed plz)


    Let me get some more spoils(incoming spoils yay)

    League will also have ARENA league

    Arena with ban/draft

    10v10 later this yar(year)

    We are making more cleanups to spectator mode so you can go closer to the action without having every tall tree and building in the way

    I think WuKong can turn into a bird

    Bee god (ah-MUZEN-cab) after WuKong as hunter

    Next patch you earn worshipers a bit faster (even losing team) (thank god)

    Vulcan is getting worked on, still trying to find a good spot

    Wukong is a warrior (we knew that already)

    going to nerf hog if they dont stop it (probably a joke due to 7 hogs picked up in dig v. cog)

    I will do next patch notes (good)

    -Game is currently going on, a hiatus on spoils atm

    Well it appears spoils have ended. Looks like a nice patch from the items and league system :D
  6. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    EU tourney 10/13

    I have seen WuKong turn into another animal

    I have seen a pumpkin head assassin (thanatos)

    I have seen a more powerful Qins blades

    I have seen a new third tier of Qins blades also

    We try and optimize in every patch, and are looking closely at it

    I have seen a walking fire giant (testing)

    I have seen a cool League system (http://www.reddit.com/r/Smite/comments/1n4nap/smite_league_system/)

    Conquest and Arena league coming up within 2 weeks

    I have seen a golden noodle (Probably Au Kuang)

    I have seen a gold Isis

    Time to watch

    I missed this: Vulcan changes soon (Rumored to turn into a physical warrior); thanks Paradoof for telling me

    Spoils has ended, enjoy the Spoils of Erez.
  7. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Hirezerez: league play coming this week

    Hirezerez: Gold Thor

    Hirezerez: Sobek voice pack

    Hirezerez: Next week spectator cam is really nice, should be near done

    Hirezerez: Set cast type by ability next week !!

    Hirezerez: WuKong *** (OP?)

    Hirezerez: 15 Items changes (some new tier tiers)

    Hirezerez: more Gods that can jump

    Hirezerez: lots of jump glitches were fixed

    Hirezerez: patch normal time this upcoming week

    Hirezerez: you should not jump when fighting

    Hirezerez: I think gold AO in a couple of weeks

    Hirezerez: Twerking added to gods (followed by a monkey face)

    Hirezerez: time to watch

    Hirezerez: gg, next patch slightly less snowballing (after Exertus vs Denial Na game)

    Hirezerez: New gold for play kills calculation, and for spawn times

    Hirezerez: Play kill value goes up as players are higher level and gain more gold, lower at the start

    Hirezerez: Spawn timer is completely based on player level
  8. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Hirezerez: Next week spectator mode should be even better

    Hirezchris: Vulcan is being worked on now... not sure on when he will be live

    Hirezchris: Vulcan will be within a month

    Hirezerez: big patch coming this week

    Hirezerez: Tons of new third tier items

    Hirezerez: I'll do the patch notes on Tuesday

    Hirezerez: WuKong the warrior monster is coming

    Hirezerez: He has one skill that can turn him to one of three animals

    Hirezerez: for a short period

    Hirezerez: Vulcan getting some reward, should be out in a couple of weeks

    Hirezerez: vulcan rework

    Hirezerez: Have not played the bee god, but he has a face that only a mother can love

    Hirezerez: arachne needs her nipple back?? (when asked to give her cripple back xD)

    Hirezerez: time to go test (smiling monkey face)
  9. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Erez Spoils, Oct 26, NA tournament:

    Hirezerez: The bee god is sweet

    Hirezerez: going to be a bit low on spoils since Chinese beta starts very soon (if you don't know about this, here you go, have some info :D)

    Hirezerez: we have a few people out of town in China, so I don't have the patch nots

    Hirezerez: Vulcan redo in next patch I believe

    Hirezerez: gold noodle coming soon (Au Kuang)

    Hirezerez: new mwta, kill everything (after Exertus vs Crimson Guards where Exertus went 51-10 and Andinster's 22-2 Merc) (also he meant META)

    Hirezerez: practice makes perfect
  10. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Hirezerez: New Kali this week

    Hirezerez: New model, new abilities

    Hirezerez: kali can jump/dash

    Hirezerez: New Vulcan ult this week

    Hirezerez: yes, it's a BIG bomb

    Hirezerez: Testing lower cast times on AO Kong (Ao Kuang) (Erez's comment on this subject just in case you don't see it in the comments :D)

    Hirezerez: Kaung (Erez REALLY can't spell Kuang... :D)

    Hirezerez: no cast times on Active items

    Hirezerez: some did (when someone asked if actives ever had cast times)
  11. Geoff

    Geoff Sir "Let's Play"

    Hirezerez: did you know that we have 4x the number of people playing Smite now then exactly one year ago?

    Hirezerez: The new camera pitch is my favorite item in next week update

    Hirezerez: I'll be in the next patch notes since there are a few things to explain

    Hirezerez: Chaak will chuk his axe on you

    Hirezerez: "Do not fear da Rain. FEAR ME."

    Hirezerez: "Haaa! You are so cough cough... aawwwggg... Hun Batz Fur Ball." (I guess these are jokes/taunts :p)

    Hirezerez: Vulcan Ult is the bomb

    Hirezerez: The bomb is the single highest damage ability in the game

    Hirezerez: Vulcan has transformed to a mage

    Hirezerez: It's only stronger if you hit at maximum distance

    Hirezerez chang'e is getting nerfed this patch (for those who didn't see yesterday's spoils, Erez already said this: "Hirezerez: chang'e will no longer give protection on her #1 ability)

    Hirezerez: Chaac this week

    Hirezerez: Fenrir next god, confirmed (Just the usual Fenrir joke that everyone has been saying forever because he took a long time to come out)

    Hirezerez: Next spectator mode has auto-zoom and auto-slow

    Hirezerez: party system will be changed back soon

    Hirezerez: '/Troll' coming soon, will troll players automatically for you with built in insults

    Hirezerez: 800 grms

    Hirezerez: gems

    Hirezerez: 4 hour bans for 200 gems on other players? (just a joke guys don't panic, same as the /troll thingy... 99,999999999% sure... :p)
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