Sony After Their E3 Press Conference

Discussion in 'Spam' started by 13thforsworn, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. 13thforsworn

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  2. Nightshde

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  3. lonesome killer

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    Lol too funny. I think it would have been funnier if they made the video actually showing how to put the disc in.
  4. CorruptDictator

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    Pretty much the only downer for Sony is the fact that you have to sub to PS+ for online play (much like the 360 is now), while the PS3 allowed for online play for free. Sony did very well to impress this time around.
  5. Nightshde

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    I understand how some people don't like that you will have to pay for online play but I think Sony is doing it the correct way. It's not required for apps and hopefully it won't be required for MMOs that already have subscriptions, plus they give you a ton of free games. That has always been a big issue with the xbox where my roommates or girlfriend would have to sign into xbox as me for the gold account to be able to watch netflix or amazon video.
  6. lonesome killer

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    Not really that much of a downer either. PS+ members get a free game every month right? Also, in order to make a better infrastructure costs money. Adding stuff like cross-game voice chat takes up resources. When they charge everyone for PS+ and make great things happen with new features that's good. However, if they don't add anything extra and keep it the same then that's bad.

    For Xbox Live what do you get? The ability to play your games and use Netflix. That's it.
  7. English

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    XBox Live used to give out free games to their members... I recall one in particular, " 'Splosion Man"
  8. lonesome killer

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    I remember a Toyota yaris game (obvious marketing is obvious) and a space shooter. Problem is they are small arcade games and far between. Play Station gives every month
  9. Geoff

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    Too bad Halo isn't on the PS4 =(
  10. lolumad

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    Hey guys i hear that i don't give a fuck about ps4 xbox 1 and Wii U
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    Everything i say is a lie, serious.
    I'm telling the truth!
    And when i reply to post, i really don't care about it at all, i don't care 100%.
    Even enough to post...wait.
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