Summer supplements for the Custom Maps servers!

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  1. sniffy194

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    As has become a seasonal routine, we're adding some new maps and retiring some old maps from our Custom Maps servers. Something of note, a couple of these maps take advantage of our new system for sending custom assets on-demand to players, which allows us to add maps that previously wouldn't have been possible.

    • A/D Dusk - A beautiful and compact two-stage map, set in a cozy Alpine evening.
    • A/D Silvertrail & A/D Edifice - Two older maps from 2009 and 2011 respectively, built similarly with expansive open areas filled with flank routes, and a Gravelpit-style layout that forces RED to rotate between A and B, culminating in a difficult hold on an elevated C point.
    • DOM Badwater - Made by a TF2C developer, Wheat, this edit remakes Badwater into a 4-team domination map, with each corner of the map being turned into a new base and control point.
    • DOM Steel - Made by a community member, Savva, this edit similarly converts Steel into a 4-team domination map, while leaving E open as a neutral point that's fair game for any team to hold.
    • KOTH Megasnow - De-Halloweenification of a popular Halloween map, Megalo, with a control point on a moving elevator, with a train that runs directly through it.
    • PL Blastpitt - A gritty and industrial Foundry-themed Payload map with comprehensive detailing and thoughtful gameplay.
    • PL Cactus Canyon Redux - This is a map we're bringing out of retirement. This takes Valve's unfinished Payload map and completes the artpass, along with combining both stages, and making many major changes to improve the balance and gameplay.
    • PL Midwest - This map was added for testing a while back, but we're now updating it and considering it a part of the permanent roster. For three years, the creator has religiously worked on this map, and the result is a dynamic and varied Payload map that has a Valve level of quality and polish.
    • PL Pit - A short and sweet single-stage map, made to fit the Dustbowl-y 2009 TF2 artstyle. This is a re-artpassed and rebalanced iteration of another popular map, PL Minepit.
    • PL Rumford - An overwhelmingly popular and gorgeous custom map, with a semi-industrial look, being set at a paper mill in Maine. This has been long held off on due to using models and textures only available in live TF2, but we're finally hosting it.
    • PL Vineyard - A work-in-progress map we're adding to test as it goes through development, characterized by a Tuscany-themed artpass that's immediately recognizable and visually-striking, with points that are engaging to fight around.
    • PL Waste - An alternative version of another map we previously hosted, KOTH Waste, now turned into a Tug-Of-War gamemode with a single neutral cart that both teams must try to push to the enemy base.
    • PLR Traincartbomb - A less-than-serious map originally created for April Fools', which people ended up finding genuinely enjoyable to play on during testing. Push your carts through an immense and bustling trainyard, where if the train hits your cart, it sends it back to the start. Good luck!

    Retirations: 3koth_mot_a12, koth_watermill_final, plr_clandestine, plr_guavagulf_a7b, pl_manngrove_rc5, cp_wildlife_b3

    As always, feedback is highly appreciated. Hope you enjoy!
  2. VintagePC

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    Nice work! These will begin rolling out to our custom maps servers and be available for selection shortly.
  3. hawaw_dacar2

    hawaw_dacar2 Well-Known Member

    Prety excited to test those maps :)
  4. Alexios

    Alexios Not a Noob

    Hey. I found a pretty neat map that might be good. It is a deathmatch version of PLR Banana Bay, with all lighting baked into being a dusk time of day map. It fits the feeling well of TF2c. Aar is the creator.

    DOM_BananaBay, beautiful map.
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