[TF2] Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Added a Steam Workshop tag for War Paint submissions
    • Updated the description for The Gas Passer
    • Updated The Ubersaw to support the Cool, Hot, and Isotope Unusual effects
    • Updated the models/materials for The Nuke, The Snowmann, and The Fireman's Essentials
    • Updated the following Contracts:
      • Reduced the number of times the bonus objectives for the Thermal Thruster Contract need to be completed
      • Reduced the number of times "Defend the control point" objectives need to be completed
    • Fixed The Loose Cannon not being able to Double Donk
    • Fixed the afterburn duration for The Huo-Long Heater, The Sharpened Volcano Fragment, The Huntsman, and The Cow Mangler
    • Fixed the charge meters for The Phlogistinator and The Gas Passer overlapping in the HUD
    • Fixed the charge meter not recharging for The Fishcake and The Robo-Sandvich
    • Fixed The Fishcake not honoring the viewmodel minmode setting
    • Fixed The Festive Black Box not working for Black Box Contracts
    • Fixed the charge meter for The Sandvich not resetting to 100% when the player picks up a health kit
    • Fixed the 2nd objective for the Brass Beast Contract
    • Fixed the HUD prompt for a movable building so it shows the proper Steam Controller button text
    • Fixed party invite and join requests being inconsistent with five or more players in the group
    • Fixed the party invite mode setting not saving when exiting the game
    • Fixed party invite mode and ignore party invites settings not always working as expected
    • Fixed a case were a party invite or join request would reappear after being acted upon

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