TF2 Blog: Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Added the ability to change an item's style in the class loadout menu
    • Fixed not being able to apply Killstreak Kits to the Sleeping Dogs promo items
    • Fixed Killstreak sheens for the Gunslinger and the Heavy's Fists
    • Fixed Killstreak counts being limited to 128 kills
    • Fixed projectiles not drawing correctly in old .dem files
    • Fixed not being able to gift wrap the Festive Sapper
    • Fixed the Mann vs. Machine scoreboard not always displaying values correctly
    • Fixed an exploit in Mann vs. Machine related to purchasing upgrades
    • Fixed not being able to use the Festive Crusader's Crossbow in Medieval mode
    • Fixed Medics seeing the incorrect string when trying to heal a target with the Escape Plan equipped
    • Fixed Medigun healing beams staying on when the Medic dies while healing someone
    • Fixed a problem that caused the Steam Holiday Sale 2013 promo items to be untradeable for some accounts
    • Updated Strange Wranglers to track wrangled sentry kills
    • Updated the Heart of Gold so name tags and description tags can be applied to it
    • Updated the localization files
    • Updated the Short Circuit
      • Damage lowered
      • Consumes 15 metal per projectile destroyed
      • Can no longer fire underwater
      • Fixed a bug with orphaned particles

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