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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Julianacat, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Julianacat

    Julianacat Noob

    If there is a way to implement this into a regular version of tf2 pls say. I think it is a beautiful menu scene and would love to have this in tf2.
    Any suggestions of how to port this?
    Does anyone know how this works and how it is implemented in tf2classic?
    I dont know much about source but im dying to try this out in tf2.
  2. Fronkln

    Fronkln Noob

    Main menu intro's are bik files.TF2 itself does not support bik main menu so thats impossible
  3. Julianacat

    Julianacat Noob

    is there a way to make it happen, there both using source engine
  4. FUTURE.10S

    FUTURE.10S Noob

    Not without modding TF2's source code, which would trigger off VAC alerts or just not let you connect at all.

    These intros are awesome, but there's a bug with them and ultrawide; they don't stretch fully, so the last 5:9 of my screen are a blurred mess.
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