[MMORPG] Torchlight 2 Patch Notes

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    Patch Notes 1.17.x.14

    • Owl pet added
    • Badger pet added
    • Russian language now available
    • Polish language now available
    • Several spelling errors fixed
    • Dimensions fixed on one texture
    • A lot of internal fixes to support translations better, and copy-pasting of cyrillic characters and use of IME
    • Characters with certain special characters in their names won't fail to save
    • Attacks that deal weapon% no longer give bonus crit for values over 100%
    • Missiles with an AoE were not properly taking into account some untargetable states
    • Run speed bonuses were sometimes added twice
    • Fixed Trillbot achievement quest
    • Engineer
    • Rank 8 and 9 or Seismic Slam scale soak values properly on direct damage
      • Flame Hammer, Ember Hammer and Emberquake correctly list staves in requirements
    • Berserker
      • Storm hatchet now targets better on slopes
      • Storm hatchet should be less likely to collide with walls and more likely to collide with units
      • Ravage knockback/slow resistance fixed
      • Ravage falls back to autoattack when mana is low
      • Battle rage properly refreshes now
      • Shadowbind procs now level properly
    • Embermage
      • Rank 4 of Firestorm now has correct max damage
      • Issues w/ Prismatic Bolt duration effects resolved
      • Fixed mana cost for rank 10 of Infernal Collapse
    • Made requirement reduction spells work properly
    • Rifle and Cannons now use weapon damage instead of DPS - fast weapons were stronger than intended, slow weapons were weaker than intended
    • A non functioning proc on the Tundra set was converted to a functioning Lifesteal
    • Tomes of Weapon Expertise (spells) now correctly state that they improve Claw use, amongst the other weapons
    • New ring for Emberweave set
    • New pants for Embercraft set
    • Legendary wand Earth Dies Screaming can no longer crash the game
    • Fixed some issues with item-based proximity effects getting doubled
    • Various pathing and collision fixes
    • Various new boss rooms added for maproom maps
    • Several new Phase Beast rooms added
    • Can't be knocked behind fence in Arena of Slaughter
    • Exploding zombies now strike only once per explosion
    • King gels have champion resistances and minion gels cannot be charmed
    • Transmutation recipe for sockets can't eat gems with no return.
    Random Maps
    • Some random map affixes better tuned
    Quest Related
    • You must talk to the guardian of mana before you can enter the dungeon from Act 4 hub
    • Some players stuck in a state where their quests will not advance, or the final quest will not complete, allowing access to the mapworks, should be resolved.
    • Fix for crash in certain circumstances when wearing gear that requires a requirement reduction spell
    • Fixed crash when quitting the game from the options menu while the shared stash is open.
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