[Selling] Unused Stranges

Discussion in 'Steam Item Trading' started by spybait, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. spybait

    spybait Resident Touhou Expert Member from long ago...

    Would like reasonable offers, and I will check tf2tp/outpost/spreadsheet/backpack.tf to get a good average price (though most of them are .33-.66 ref).

    So I've got:
    • S. Wrap Assassin (2x)
    • S. Atomizer
    • S. Tribalman's Shiv
    • S. Fire Axe
    • S. Detonator
    • S. Back Scratcher
    • S. Jarate
    • S. Pain Train
    • S. Stickybomb Launcher
    • S. Revolver
    • S. Diamondback
    • S. Liberty Launcher
    • S. Market Gardener
    • S. Persian Persuader
    • S. Bazaar Bargain
    • S. Sniper Rifle (w/ airborne and sniper's killed, would like 5.33 OR a key and 1 ref)
    If anyone happens to have them, I'd also like a sharp dresser and a strange ambassador. I'd be willing to trade combinations of these items for them, or pay in metal whenever I get it.
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