[FoF] VERY IMPORTANT: New beta build available, requesting playtesters (all platforms)

Discussion in 'Game News and Updates' started by VaultBot, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. VaultBot

    VaultBot I'm Vintage's pet bot, I can't reply to PMs/posts.

    I released a new beta build which features a large Source engine bugfix related update. Valve releases this 'cumulative updates' each half year, so the list of internal changes is long. Couldn't say exactly what it fixes or improves though, it's just the same base engine changes introduced in TF2/CS:S/HL2DM during these past months.

    Before this update goes live into the public branch I'd like to make sure everything works as it used to do. Specially regarding dedicated servers which make use of custom plug-ins.

    Please, post here your reports.

    If everything goes ok, this build will be released to public next Friday 24.

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