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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Iceh, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Hello I am Iceh I have a few good seasons of comp TF2 I wanted to start this thread so people can post their questions from the basics like how do I find a team, to when do comp players practice and when are matches? To more advance like what kind of game modes should I play to get better? We can even talk about what are good TF2 channels or videos to watch to learn more on my own time. I will post slowly to this answers to questions and I will answer any questions asked right away instead of waiting until I get there.

    Q: When are matches?
    A: Monday nights at 9:30pm est *are the default time, the time can be changed to Tuesday, or the Sunday before.*

    Q: What map types should I play?
    A: ALL!!! No one map type is better then the others, the most common types are payload and 5CP *control point*.

    Q: What video's should I watch?
    A: Fatmop does shoutcasts where he is sort of like a TF2 announcer watch him to see plays but nothing beats practice.

    Q: Where can I get a feel for a laid back version of comp?
    A: Try a lobby for starters. Found here ---> www.tf2lobby.com

    Q: Can I join you *Iceh* in a lobby?
    A: I don't usually lobby I PUG *pick-up-game* which is a higher level of lobby, I will lobby with you if you want and you can lobby with other VF4 comp players.

    Q: What is highlander?
    A: 9v9 match mod with weapon restricts and 1 of each class.

    Q: Can I join your highlander team?
    A: In short no sorry. Its not that I don't want you on or think you might not or might be ready, I do not do the tryouts for my highlander team.

    Q: What is 6s?
    A: 2 scouts, 2 soldiers, 1 demo, 1 medic. 1 soldier is known as the pocket and is the medic's main go to for protection. The other is called the roamer who as the name suggests roams.

    More questions and answers will be posted as they come up. :)
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  2. areben

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    Thanks Iceh - nice post and intro to comp TF2. +1
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