[League of Legends] When Things Go Right 2.0

Discussion in 'Archives' started by Lord Huckington, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. tigar

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    last game as lux was lux and voli bottom and we won without surrender at 35 min :3
  2. Tachyon³

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  3. Blood Feast Island Man

    Blood Feast Island Man I Demand more Pudding. I'll be in my bunk.

  4. tigar

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  5. Doiteain

    Doiteain Well-Known Member

    Are DOTA2 victory screens allowed? :3
  6. CaptSpiffy

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  7. Lord Huckington

    Lord Huckington Well-Known Member

    Aside from spiffy being blunt, this is for League of Legends. What you can do is start another things go right thread over at the Dota 2 section of the forum.

    I say go for it, it's encouraged for our fellow Dota 2 players to get their own thread going so they can show off their top scores as well. :3
  8. VoltageSpike

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    This is a thread for League of Legends that I started back on the previous forums. I had intended for it to be a thread for LoL postgame boards. I wouldn't know what a great Dota 2 postgame would look like in comparison to a normal one. Feel free to make a similar thread for Dota 2. It'd be a nice addition.

    Also, coming soon to a theater near you, When Things Go Wrong.
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  9. CaptSpiffy

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  10. English

    English Global Mod

    Some back story on this one.

    We had an insta-lock Nidalee screaming for top. So we decided to troll her and all pick supports and then proceed to follow her EVERYWHERE she went...


    Clearly 4 Top is the new Meta...

    Here is the ensuing RAGE

    TheVoiceOfGod: didnt know
    TheVoiceOfGod: sheen was
    TheVoiceOfGod: first core item to get on jayce
    Finding t33mo: it's truely amazing how 2 people
    Finding t33mo: can throw a game
    Finding t33mo: THAT Hard
    plotemole: LOL dude
    BlackDynamite90: ARE YOU AWARE OF OUR TEAM
    Finding t33mo: don't lol dude me
    TheVoiceOfGod: yeah
    plotemole: Oh yeah I do
    TheVoiceOfGod: it must have been hard
    Boxie Brown: we actually tried to throw our team
    GJKnutsen: we literally all trolled our Ndalle
    GJKnutsen: and see won lol
    TheVoiceOfGod: to 1v1 rammus bot as darius
    Finding t33mo: you were dc'd half the game and the other half you were a worthless pile of dogshit.
    BlackDynamite90: 1v2 rammus and jayce
    BlackDynamite90: playboy
    plotemole: Hahaha
    TheVoiceOfGod: yes
    TheVoiceOfGod: this jayce
    TheVoiceOfGod: clearly counts
    TheVoiceOfGod: as a full player
    TheVoiceOfGod: 3-10
    TheVoiceOfGod: rushes sheen.
    TheVoiceOfGod: clearly
    TheVoiceOfGod: grade a ranged carry in bot lane
    Finding t33mo: zerker grievs on jayce nuff said you guys shoudl report them
    TheVoiceOfGod: 5-6-14 jax who had top lane to free farm half of the game
    Finding t33mo: me and lee sin were like a 2 man team
    TheVoiceOfGod: clearly grade a player.
    BlackDynamite90: WE HAD 4 PEOPLE TOP
    BlackDynamite90: TO START
    TheVoiceOfGod: you can troll all you want with champs/team comps
    TheVoiceOfGod: it doesnt matter
    TheVoiceOfGod: when you left
    TheVoiceOfGod: jax did nothing
    TheVoiceOfGod: with that fam he was able to get
    TheVoiceOfGod: he even got fb up top
    TheVoiceOfGod: like teleport on jax
    TheVoiceOfGod: is fail
    TheVoiceOfGod: #1
    TheVoiceOfGod: no magic resist or merc treads
    TheVoiceOfGod: vs all the cc you guys had and magic damage
    TheVoiceOfGod: #2
    TheVoiceOfGod: need I continue on with the list
    TheVoiceOfGod: as to why you guys won
    TheVoiceOfGod: we had the LEGIT retards
    BlackDynamite90: OF EXCUSES?
    AnEnglishPenguin: please do
    TheVoiceOfGod: on our team
    GJKnutsen: please do
    BlackDynamite90: PLEASE GO ON
    Boxie Brown: los brazillios numero uno huehuehuehue
    BlackDynamite90: GO ON
    TheVoiceOfGod: how about
    BlackDynamite90: MHM
    TheVoiceOfGod: step up
    TheVoiceOfGod: darius
    Finding t33mo: hahahha
    BlackDynamite90: HUE
    TheVoiceOfGod: 2v2
    Finding t33mo: hahhaha
    BlackDynamite90: HUE
    AnEnglishPenguin: And then?
    BlackDynamite90: HUE
    TheVoiceOfGod: against me and ryze
    BlackDynamite90: HUE
    TheVoiceOfGod: and lets see
    TheVoiceOfGod: what happens
    TheVoiceOfGod: like id love to see
    TheVoiceOfGod: when i dont have
    Finding t33mo: you can step up 2v2 and see who makes excuses dirty wetbacks
    TheVoiceOfGod: to carry a coupel of retards
    BlackDynamite90: LOLLLLLLLLLLLL
    TheVoiceOfGod: what will happen
    TheVoiceOfGod: tell you what scrub
    TheVoiceOfGod: when you get good at this game
    Finding t33mo: inb4 scared
    TheVoiceOfGod: and get up to my level
    BlackDynamite90: 4 TOP NEW META
    Finding t33mo: now we will see who's making excuses
    TheVoiceOfGod: and get off your 1100 elo high horse
    BlackDynamite90: IS YOUR LEVEL LOSING
    Finding t33mo: when they make excuses to nto step up
    TheVoiceOfGod: feel free to add me and step up to the 2v2 match
    BlackDynamite90: 1 MORE KILL GET ON MY LEVEL
    AnEnglishPenguin: 2200 ELO BRO
    TheVoiceOfGod: otherwise grow a pair of balls IRL before you talk **** on a game and cant back it up
    AnEnglishPenguin: LOLUMAD
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  11. Train in Vain

    Train in Vain Achievement Hunter

    greatest game i've ever been in
  12. Reechard

    Reechard Server Admin VF4-S (Server Operator) Minecraft Operator Staff Member Minecraft Admin

  13. CorruptDictator

    CorruptDictator I want a custom title, but I dont trust VintagePC

    I really wish I had a screenshot of my 524 minion farm game with Ziggs.
  14. English

    English Global Mod

    Mantheon truly does not give one fuck...
  15. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter


    2nd time eve :3
  16. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter

    welcome to the league of teemo

  17. English

    English Global Mod

    When things go right.jpg

    Complete and utter stompage. Carry Sona?
  18. Train in Vain

    Train in Vain Achievement Hunter

  19. tigar

    tigar Achievement Hunter

    got tired of the standoffs we had in a 4vs5 so i started to push even tho it made the team rage as i kept dying but after 7 deaths i got their base down and their nexus to low health before i died and my team was dead so their team pushed and there was just a single wizard minion of ours in their base taking on the nexus with no other minions around and right as a new minion wave spawned and they where about to take down our nexus the wizard minion got the last hit on their nexus causing us to win after 40 minutes of standoffs
  20. lonesome killer

    lonesome killer Banhammered


    Would've had more kills if Reechard didn't steal 2 of them with his Gangplank Ult.
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