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Discussion in 'Spam' started by Net, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. Reechard

    Reechard Server Admin VF4-S (Server Operator) Minecraft Operator Staff Member Minecraft Admin

    At work, doing my job, suddenly wild LoL attack

  2. CaptSpiffy

    CaptSpiffy Best Moderator NA

    Bueno. Muy bueno.
    ¡Mordekaiser es numerous uno!

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  3. CaptSpiffy

    CaptSpiffy Best Moderator NA

    Train in Vain: I would fuck Oprah if it meant tons of money.
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  4. Reechard

    Reechard Server Admin VF4-S (Server Operator) Minecraft Operator Staff Member Minecraft Admin

    Reechard [VF4-S]: DEBO
    DeBo [VF4-S]: reechard...
    Reechard [VF4-S]: I'M GOING TO POOP
    DeBo [VF4-S]: FABULOUS
    Reechard [VF4-S]: ON YOUR TURKEY
    DeBo [VF4-S]: no
  5. a camping donut

    a camping donut Well-Known Member

    If you can't piss on your fans anymore I don't want to be in show business.
    - Train in Vain
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  6. Tachyon³

    Tachyon³ Well-Known Member

    3:44 PM - Tachyon³ is Going Places: spiffy
    3:44 PM - Vintage CaptSpiffy: Tach?
    3:44 PM - Tachyon³ is Going Places: What if I told you
    3:44 PM - Tachyon³ is Going Places: ...that I might get to be the judge in a mock trial
    3:46 PM - Vintage CaptSpiffy: ...
    3:46 PM - Vintage CaptSpiffy: this is basically the moment you've been waiting for, isn't it?
    3:46 PM - Tachyon³ is Going Places: basically yeah
  7. CaptSpiffy

    CaptSpiffy Best Moderator NA

    Vintage CaptSpiffy: the "new and improved" CAD: http://v.cdn.cad-comic.com/comics/cad-20121128-17328.png
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: improved as a motherfucker
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: look, I get that he's terrible but de he REALLY puss out on his ambiguous ending?
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: yeah
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: and now his "new" CAD is exactly the same as oldest of CAD.
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: even on Webcomics Weekly, they were complaining about how in a comic called ctrl+alt+del, a character has to reboot the universe, and only presses one button.
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: ...
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: http://v.cdn.cad-comic.com/comics/cad-20121124-57284.png
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: COME ON
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: I mean
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: ffs
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: what the actual fuck?!
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: if you're gonna do the whole "let the reader imagine what happened afterwards" thing, I can respect that if you stay with it
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: but REALLY
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: YOU CAN'T "THE END" TWICE!
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: FUCK!
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: I've managed to give you another source of rage.
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: This is my proudest moment.
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: just when you thought you couldn't hate him more
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: seriously, that didn't exist.
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: The End 2: Electric Boogloo
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: sure it does
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: http://www.cad-comic.com/
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: go to the very bottom
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: he...
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: he reconned...
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: he reconned the ending....
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: and breathe in the source of what made your hate go super saiyan
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: that was the start of a retcon...
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: so...
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: if he retconned a retcon
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: we have retcon-ception
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: and in saying the end and then it wasn't really the end, we have deception
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: so, he does the "ending", fucks off and does a PONIES strip, then after the PONIES strip, he decides to put in the new new ending?!
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: would it be safe to call this entire thing a decepticon?
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: like the Transformers?
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: yes
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: but non-shitty
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: because it was all "here's a shitty ending"
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: but really, it was something even worse in disguise
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: I'll take my goddamnit voltage trophy and retire to my smoking lounge. Goodnight everyone, remember to tip your waitresses.
  8. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 19 minutes ago - [​IMG] :
      VintagePC crosses his fingers and hopes his idea works

    2. 16 minutes ago - [​IMG] :
      Iceh wonders what vintage is doing...
    3. 11 minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:
      and then the site exploded.
    4. 10 minutes ago - [​IMG] VintagePC:
      Naw, just breaking stuff as usual.
    5. 9 minutes ago - [​IMG] :
      VintagePC breaks the former 24/7 2fort server
  9. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    A moment ago - [​IMG]VintagePC:
    yup. Source servers are a lot of work to get right. But apparently, people think I'm a magical unicorn that just shits gameservers in the blink of an eye :D

    A moment ago - [​IMG] VintagePC:

  10. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 10 minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:
      no matter wher eyou go there will always be some assholes

    2. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      ^ aint that the truth
    3. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] theLumberJack:
      the whole truth
    4. 2 minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:
      and nothing but the truth
  11. theLumberJack

    theLumberJack Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    w'hole' truth
  12. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 13 minutes ago - [​IMG] Nightshde:
      what I should do is use this guys email and sign up for a bunch of crap
    2. 12 minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:
      sounds like a complete waste of your time unless you ahve nothing better to do
    3. 12 minutes ago - [​IMG] Nightshde:
      yea I usually have nothing to do here at work
  13. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 11 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      does anyone how a good use for my morning?
    2. 9 minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:

    3. 3 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      ... one involving my computer
    4. 2 minutes ago - [​IMG] Nightshde:

    5. 1 minute ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      any games ._.
    6. A moment ago - [​IMG] Nightshde:
      u can make it into a game

    7. A moment ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
  14. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      found a good use for my morning

    2. 5 minutes ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      primal carnage
    3. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:
      sounds like angry masturbation
    4. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:
      we are just loading on the quotes thread today, arent we?
    5. 3 minutes ago - [​IMG] Nightshde:
      looks like it
    6. 2 minutes ago - [​IMG] Nightshde:
      imagine what your dick would look like after Primal Carnage
    7. A moment ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:

    8. A moment ago - [​IMG] Iceh:
      EWWW ;~;
  15. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    1. minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:
      I woudl just hope your dick woudl not come back with a Counter Strike
    2. 4 minutes ago - [​IMG] CorruptDictator:
      that would be Unreal
    3. 3 minutes ago - [​IMG] Nightshde:
      if you were a girl you could play diablo, traversing a dungeon trying to find the treasure
  16. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

  17. Iceh

    Iceh Official VF4 Matchmaker

    *not sure* - Become angrier then an angry lawnmower
    (something like that) priceless
  18. Ragnorok

    Ragnorok Demon of Obliteration

    ^ it was voltage i believe
  19. CaptSpiffy

    CaptSpiffy Best Moderator NA

    Vintage CaptSpiffy: [​IMG]
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: jesus, he wore that guy's taint like a headband
    Vintage CaptSpiffy: behold, the rare 360 degree teabag
    VoltageSpike [VF4-A]: I'm convinced that this is actual video evidence of what "Splunching a Grundle" means.
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  20. Spago

    Spago Purveyor of unexpected food porn

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