Sanctum 2 giveaway!

Discussion in 'News/Announcements' started by lonesome killer, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Wish me luck.
  2. Ryumao

    Ryumao Well-Known Member

    Thanks for hosting the contest. :3 Meow meow.
  3. Flan

    Flan Not a Noob

    Flan wants sanctum 2 :D cant wait to play it with my bro if i get it <3
  4. Awesome Game I Hope I Win!
  5. Asdaking

    Asdaking Noob

    I've seen so many great videos for this game and would love to play the game myself, so I must say:
    asdaking WANTS this game

    Oh, and thankyou for giving us this oppurtunity! :)
  6. [FL] Rocket.Blade [FOG]

    [FL] Rocket.Blade [FOG] Active Member

    Count me in for it.

  7. apolla13

    apolla13 Noob

    Count me in ;D
  8. coldygold

    coldygold Not a Noob

    i hope i get sanctum it looks like good game
  9. houndspear

    houndspear Noob

    I will take my chances
  10. A free game please, and Good Luck to everyone.
  11. MisterPup

    MisterPup Not a Noob

    Many thanks for the opportunity, now there's nothing left but to cross fingers :D
  12. [M&B] ¥ Brutus ¥

    [M&B] ¥ Brutus ¥ Not a Noob

    Thanks for the chance!!! :)
  13. Togar1701

    Togar1701 Not a Noob

    I hope i get the game it seems fun and haven't bought it yet but hey, can't give up a chance for getting it for free =D
  14. Trinity

    Trinity Noob

    Thank you very much!!!
  15. SoldierPanther

    SoldierPanther Well-Known Member

    I want it plz :3
  16. George1050

    George1050 Well-Known Member

    Woo, Sanctum 2!
  17. GodKira98

    GodKira98 Not a Noob

    Sanctum was brilliant. Trying my luck
  18. humanate

    humanate Noob

    SANCTUM 2!!!!!!!!!
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