[Story Progression] 1.1: The Vanished

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  1. Kiryu

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    To Kalcora: That is rather unfortunate. If you know of a meal that will cheer her up, or ones that might make her sad so I can avoid them, let me know so I can prepare a proper meal for her. I'm not sure of the customs of other races, so knowing which foods are better and worse is something I am working on. Kiryu says with a smile.

    My story is an odd one. I was told me birth was a blessing on the village. You see, I have the power to speak with spirits. Its a rare ability, but can be quite useful. One day, the elders of the village decided that I need to go on a journey to help build my unique gift. My village supported this as there are stories of those like me helping the village.

    A big celebration was held.
    Kiryu waves his hands around. Many gifts of gold and gems were given. One of the elders escorted me to the edge of our home. It was there he told me the truth. His joy turns to sorrow. Our oldest and wisest seer had a vision. I was at the center of a village that was burning to the ground. They knew if they did nothing, the vision would come true. The seer wasn't able to give many details. The elders decided that it would be best if I were to leave and never return. I don't hold any anger towards them, they acted in the best interest of everyone.

    With a big smile, he says: I eventually came across a rather interesting chef. I studied under him for a while. With his help, I learned what I needed to know to come here.

    To Palodina: Kiryu will leave her be as she seems to prefer that. He will give her a friendly smile or a wave if he sees her while roaming the ship.

    To Kurvis and Eamon: I would be happy to join you in a game of cards.
    Kiryu smiles and waits for the cards to be dealt.
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    "I suppose I've had more trouble come from below decks than beneath the waves, but not by much."
    Alkonost looks to the water behind them while trying to size up Carver.
    "Were you a soldier in Andoran? You appear able."

    Going to use my newfound forum dicerolling knowledge to bounce a perception on Carver (trying to parse information from what he's carrying etc)

    !roll 1d20+7 #perception
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    perception: 16

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  4. Statboy

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    -1st of Arodus, 4717
    The Peregrine has been chugging along across the ocean for 6 weeks, when finally LAND AHEAD, is heard to shouted. First from the crow's nest, then from the sailors and the colonists, as the Island grows larger and larger. The sailors begin taking in the masts and the captain takes over the helm, the Peregrine cuts its speed and maneuvers around the south of the island into the bay were Talmandor's Bounty is being built by the first wave of settlers, that landed here 10 weeks ago. Most of the colonists come to the top deck, each struggling to get their first view of Talmandor's Bounty. As the village comes into view, the excited talk dies down and a hush settle's over the ship.

    As the sailors begin untying one of the smaller boats to lower into the water, they pass a spy glass around, eventually handing it to Captain Marcosi.
    You should see this. He says to Ramona handing her the spyglass. Ramona looks at the village, then slowly lowers the eye glass, clearly distressed, but trying to hide her worry. She approaches each of you in turn and request you meet her at the back of the ship, away from the other colonists.

    We have a problem. She says bluntly. Something is wrong. Nobody’s in sight. There’s no smoke from cook fires or the smithy. Some of the buildings look burned out. There's not even a single boat in the water. Look around at the other colonists, they are getting nervous, things will become tense soon. I'm going to ask Captain Markosi to sail north the secondary landing site, if anything went wrong here, that is the designated emergency meeting place. But we can't turn back, some of our food has spoiled on the ship, and we had a bad rodent infestation as well. We don't have enough food for a return trip. We must land, but we should be smart about it. I would like the five of you to disembark and search Talmandor's Bounty for any sign of the first wave of colonists. If it's as empty as it looks, then find any clues you can as to what happened. We will be settling here, because we have to. I've seen everyone's interviews and applications, more importantly I've gotten to know each of you these last six weeks. You five are competent enough to find answers, and do so without dying. Please help us in this.

    Please place yourselves in the boat that has been lowered into the water, for your marching order. You can leave whatever you want on the Peregrine, and feel free to ask Ramona any questions, or finish any unfinished business on the boat. Make sure you set your daily spells. Last chance to wrap up inventory as well. Once you set off, your characters are locked in.
  5. Statboy

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    Carver appears to be one of the Colony Guardsmen, he is probably higher ranking as he has nicer clothes beneath his breastplate than the other soldiers, he is also at least 10 years older than the other soldiers. You notice his face is weathered and lined more than his years would suggest. He appears to be an experienced soldier.
  6. Alkonost

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    Alkonost scans the horizon for any sign of life, feeling for the first time nervous about his chances of finding passage from here to the far Arcadian continent anytime soon. Centering himself in the cool ocean breeze, he feels his anxiety blow away with it and is at once prepared for this sort of task. He's been waiting to be of some use, meditating away the days in the crow's nest. He notices the group Ramona has pulled aside contains many of the other passengers of uncommon heritage that he'd been watching over the weeks, finding comfort in the absence of humans in this landing party. They all look more than capable in their own way, some even look as comfortable in the sea as he is in the air.

    He gives the others his customary greeting with claws steepled in prayer before climbing into the boat. Alkonost settles in his seat and waits for the others to finish, keeping his gaze fixed on the vacant shore.

    "Do not worry, Ramona. We will figure out the meaning of this."
  7. theLumberJack

    theLumberJack Achievement Hunter Member from long ago...

    With a grave face, Maura says

    "This sounds serious. There could be danger. I'll be right there."

    Maura then rushes back to her cabin to retrieve your adventuring gear before heading to the boat.

    EDIT: Maura is at a medium load with her backpack. Reducing her land speed to 20' and giving her an ACP -3. I think that's all the effects of that
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  8. Kiryu

    Kiryu Well-Known Member

    Kiryu is at a Medium load. The current spirit being used is the Champion.

    Kiryu will simply nod and gather his gear.
  9. Srekcins

    Srekcins Well-Known Member

    Variel is also at a medium load with the backpack.

    Variel retrieves her belongings and heads to the landing craft. Well, let's see what we can find.

    Looking to see what's visible from the boat, if anything.
    !roll 1d20+6? #Perception
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    Perception: 18 = [12] + 6

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  11. Statboy

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    Variel's Perception Result:
    Ramona hands you the spy glass to see with.

    The bay’s waters are calm but murky, with only a gentle rocking of the ship. The shore is approximately six hundred feet to the east, where a lonely dock is built off a sandy beach. The wooden palisade around the village square is only partially built, allowing you to see into the heart of Talmandor's Bounty. No movement is seen, and weeds have begun to grow in the once well worn dirt paths, indicating it has been at least two weeks since the square saw regular foot traffic. No bodies or blood are present however, nothing is obviously broken, and there is no sign of any fighting having occurred.
  12. Srekcins

    Srekcins Well-Known Member

    Variel pulls the spyglass down and returns it to Ramona.

    For grass to have grown up like that, these people must have been missing for two weeks or more. I hope we aren't too late to do something.
  13. Kiryu

    Kiryu Well-Known Member

    I recommend a plan before we embark. I have chalk that we can use to mark the buildings we search. We can gather and notes or journals we find, then review them outside of town. If there are any useful supplies left, we should leave them for later retrieval. With any luck, the people were able to flee to a safe location.
  14. Statboy

    Statboy Resident Cueball

    one thing to note, the middle two in the longboat will be the rowers. In the calm bay you do not need to pass any checks to row, but if you leave the bay its a DC 10-25 Profession Sailor check, depending on the wind and current, or add 5 to the DC and use survival.
  15. VintagePC

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    I agree, we should have a plan going in, something is obviously very wrong and that should not be taken lightly.
  16. Alkonost

    Alkonost Not a Noob

    Good plan, we should prepare for the worst. Once we make land, I could take wing over the village to search for colonists? I'm not the most graceful flyer and it will make our presence known, but it will give us more information.
  17. Srekcins

    Srekcins Well-Known Member

    You search by air while we look on the ground? That sounds good to me.
  18. theLumberJack

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    As long as I don't have to row! We'd be going in circles!
  19. Statboy

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    As you guys begin to get into the long boat Ramona comes over.

    I will wait for you at the secondary landing site for 5 days, then we'll have to disembark. Take these as well, but I hope you won't need them. Ramona hands each of you a potion of Cure Light Wounds, and to one person a map of Ancorato Island with the secondary landing spot marked.

    Finish putting yourselves in the longboat and deciding who will row. If Alkonost wants to fly above the boat instead that is fine as well, your only 600 feet away from shore, which is not terribly far. Once everyone is set for their marching order with the boat, we'll proceed. In roll20 you can switch to the large map of the island (!mc menu) I have marked the secondary landing spot on it.
  20. Alkonost

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    Thank you, Ramona
    Alkonost slides the wooden oar up in the rowlock, and settles in the boat to prepare for disembarkation. He's not eager to test the crosswinds over swathes of water unless necessary, worried his bulk would flounder on the thermals.
  21. Statboy

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    !roll 1d20+7 #Perception Alkonost
    !roll 1d20+7 #Perception Eko
    !roll 1d20+7 #Perception Kiryu
    !roll 1d20+0 #Perception Maura
    !roll 1d20+6 #Perception Variel
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    Perception Alkonost: 14

    Perception Eko: 23

    Perception Kiryu: 23

    Perception Maura: 13

    Perception Variel: 8

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  23. Statboy

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    You set off towards the shore, Alkonost and Variel rowing. The water's are warm and the sun is pleasant, you keep your eyes on the shoreline looking for movement or any sign of danger. Not noticing the danger beneath the murky surface of the water. Suddenly the boat is rocked and slimy tentacles burst over the side's attempting to grab Maura and Variel and pull them overboard.

    !roll 1d20+4 #CMB to grapple Maura
    !roll 1d20+4 #CMB to grapple Variel
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